I really believe in the work that the West Coast Men’s Support Society is doing, through acknowledging that men and their children benefit from having a time and place to share and grow together. Men need clarity in understanding who they truly are, and this clarity can really help a young person, particularly a son, to start creating and understanding their own identities as well. I urge anyone who agrees to consider attending a men’s circle night here in Kelowna; Jeff Goreski is the local coordinator, and is a great guy too. Attending a circle can create a welcome expansion of one’s own community, and we can all use another person in our lives who listens and understands.


As such, one of the ideas I believe passionately in is the degree to which kids benefit from a stable home and family situation. Seems a little obvious maybe, but sometimes that also means acknowledging Mom and Dad may be working in everyone’s best interest if they go their separate ways; the question of how they choose to move on has tremendous implications in the lives of young people, both through adolescence and into young adulthood and beyond.

Okay, admittedly this article is a little lengthy. But if you have 10 minutes, check it out. It is the most insightful view into the effect of broken parent relationship on kids I have read in many moons, especially as it looks at angst-filled breakups. So many problems might be lessened or eliminated in kids and youth if parents could find a way to part in a less vindictive manner.