Workshops for Parents and Teachers

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Are you facing challenging times at home, or in your classroom? Perhaps you are frustrated with the conflict that feels pervasive, children that treat you (and each other) with disrespect, or even just a sense that your family is not connecting as you would like. Maybe you simply wish to do a “checkup” and ensure you are continuing to do your utmost to raise happy, healthy kids and teens, or provide the safest and healthiest classroom environment that you can provide, that consistently meets your students’ educational goals. Andrew now offers a specialized workshop to support parents and teachers through these challenging situations.


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 Session 1: We explore the critical nature of creating physical and emotional safety, and the use of the Circle of Courage model in raising a family, or running a classroom.  These will form the foundation of our ability to create an atmosphere defined by healthy relationships, safe behaviours, and positive views of self and others. Andrew will also be providing further examples, anecdotes and experience shared from his 15 years of work with children, youth and parents.

Session 2: Using the knowledge and awareness acquired in the first session, each workshop participant will have the opportunity to be guided through applying these principles with one’s own family or classroom. Several specific exercises and guided discussion will help to create a plan that is unique for your own situation, while providing a chance to share ideas and challenges with other parents or educators in the class to complete the learning experience.


Dates and Registration for Workshops:

Please don’t hesitate to inquire about Andrew conducting this workshop for your group, whether just a handful of people, a couple of dozen, or larger still! I would be very pleased to negotiate a reasonable rate; and can either come to your venue, or for an extra fee, use a fabulous space at the Rotary Centre for the Arts where all seating, equipment and refreshments will be taken care of for you.

Location for Seminars: Pacific Safety Products Boardroom, Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna.


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