Uniquely Skilled and Experienced

I have worked with children, youth and parents over the past 15 years, and draw on this wisdom to share with you. I also obtain objective feedback from you at each session’s end, as part of a process called Feedback-Improved Therapy. It is shown through studies to more than double effectiveness.

The Power of Connection

Studies have consistently proven it: the most important factor determining success in therapy is the degree of connection and teamwork between us. To support this connection, emotional safety must be present in every moment. This means everyone’s voice is powerful and important, and must be fully heard and understood before there can be purposeful movement forward.

Making the Right Choice

Andrew actively works with local physicians, lawyers, as a behavioural specialist with School District #23, and as a Child Specialist in family law situations. He also gives workshops and seminars for parents and caregivers.

Trust his experience, like many parents and local professionals, to work for you and your family!

Separation and Divorce

Andrew offers specialized and knowledgeable care for families working through the challenging process of divorce. When appropriate, this can also be part of a formal process with Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group, of which Andrew is a member. Click on the green OCFLG icon below to learn more.

Proud member of the Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group

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Clarity from Andrew Portwood; BA/BEd, MC, Canadian Certified Counsellor

I am a Certified Masters Level Counsellor with an emphasis on helping children, teens and parents to put an end to anger, anxiety and depression in their families. However, for any work with individuals to be effective, numerous studies have proven the importance of a sense of teamwork and authentic connection with the counselling therapist. This is the gift I bring – a unique ability to connect with young people and parents that ensures our time together is enjoyable, but most importantly EFFECTIVE.

It can be tough to find counselling help for children and families in the Kelowna area that meets your expectations: effective, efficient, personal, and trusted. Employee assistance providers may provide counsellors who do not resonate with you, and local agencies are often bogged down with clients, necessitating a wait of several weeks at times before service can begin. I can take the guesswork out of receiving counselling care, and help you or your family member to feel better as quickly as possible. Put my experience to work for you and your family, and discover why several highly-respected local pediatricians and family physicians trust me to provide care for their patients!

To learn more, or book your first session, contact the Core Centre of Health in Kelowna at 250-862-2673, or use the contact info page to speak to me personally. No-risk initial consultation sessions are also available free of charge!

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